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As we become more dependent on technology, having your systems operating at peak capacity is more important than ever — and can be a full-time job. Let us do the work and worrying for you. 

Workstation & Server Management

We proactively update, back up, and manage all of your devices remotely. Every aspect of your network is monitored, and issues can be detected before they are a problem. You can rest assured knowing your vital data and IT systems are being monitored and protected 24/7.

Day-to-day users are supported in their daily functions via our team and remote support. Have a staffing change? Just tell us who needs accounts for email, phones, etc and we can get them all set up and ready to go. Or we can deactivate accounts when needed while still preserving any and all internal and confidential data.

Ongoing Maintenance & Monitoring 

Our tools keep your computers and other company technology protected from outside threats. We have auto-scheduled scans for backup and virus protection to make sure all your managed workstations have the best protection. And we have auto-licensing for each workstation to keep all software up to date and tracked within our system.

Help Desk Support

Whenever you need it. For day-to-day use, we can answer most questions by phone or email and solve the issues remotely. Plus we provide scheduled visits to perform routine service and optimization of IT infrastructure. Worried about unforeseen failures, troubleshooting and repairs? We’ll always be available.

Firewall & WiFi Management 

We manage your wireless network to provide the best quality we can. We also protect your network in general with a firewall to add an extra layer of protection for your company.

Telecom Services 

From cost-effective VoIP to advanced video conferencing, we do it all and are confident that we have a customized solution to meet all of your business needs. We also have flexible hardware plans that allow you to buy or lease. And our team is available for all of your call management needs on an ongoing basis. 

What is Managed IT?

Expert delivery of comprehensive IT Services & Support at a predictable monthly rate. 

Managed IT is a way in which small-mid sized businesses can leverage 3rd party resources to handle all of the information technology (IT) tasks of their business. 

By hiring a managed service provider (MSP), small business leaders are able to have the resourcing needed to handle their IT needs. And with an MSP:

  • You are saving money by not having an internal team
  • Increasing predictability with a standard flat-rate for services
  • Elevating efficiency as you can be proactive instead of reactive
  • Gaining the ability to be agile and scale resources as needed


Our Service Providers

At Lightway Solutions, we use top-class technology to ensure our clients have a seamless experience.


Business Productivity Tools and Apps

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud Platform, Domain & Server Hosting

Iron Scales

Email Security


Business Productivity Tools and Apps


Collaboration Tools, Video Calls


Password Management

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